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5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

You’ve heard that having a faster metabolism is better than a slow one, but why is that, and how can you boost your metabolism naturally?

For starters, metabolism is the series of chemical processes & reactions that occur within the body to process food and turn it into energy that gets used by the body.

If you have a slower metabolism, you might notice symptoms like:

  • Gaining weight
  • Struggling to lose weight
  • Craving sugar
  • Feeling bloated often
  • Having gas frequently

Boost Metabolism Tampa, Florida

Those with a faster metabolism burn more calories, even without physical activity, meaning it’s harder to gain weight and easier to lose weight for these individuals.

For example, let’s say there are two individuals with identical eating habits and activity levels. The person with the slower metabolism might put on weight with these habits, while the other does not.

It can be frustrating to see people lose weight seemingly effortlessly, but there are ways to boost your metabolism that might help!

1. Drink green tea

It contains a substance that can help increase the amount of calories burned. According to one study in Obesity Reviews, the amount of this compound that is present in about 3 cups of green tea boosted the metabolism to the point of burning an average of 100 extra calories in one day.

2. High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

You’ve likely heard of the HIIT trend that’s been its own craze for years now, and that’s because when done in a certain way, it can boost the metabolism to continue burning fat & calories for up to a full day after you’ve stopped working out!

So how do you incorporate HIIT into your routine? If you already walk or jog regularly, start doing cycles of 30 seconds of a faster pace, then back to your normal pace, then back up again. Doing this for even 10 minutes a day may be able to help boost your metabolism! There are also workout classes and even entire gyms (such as Orange Theory Fitness) that focus on getting the maximal burn out of your HIIT workout.

3. Up your water intake

Did you know that the metabolism can slow down when even slightly dehydrated? One study showed that those who drank 4 glasses of water a day burned less calories in a day than those who drank 8+.

4. Spice it up!

Incorporating spicy foods like red chili pepper into your diet can also help kick up your metabolism. That’s because it contains something called capsaicin, which helps increase the amount of heat produced by the body, increasing your calorie burn!

5. Eat more protein

Did you know that the body burns fewer calories digesting carbs or fat than it does when processing protein? Make sure a good amount of protein is a part of your balanced diet to help your metabolism along.

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