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What Are Stem Cells? Tampa, FL
Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the potential ability to help the body heal and regenerate. They contain agents that help the body heal itself, making them a natural, surgery- and drug-free way to heal. Where Are Stem Cells Found? There are three main sources of stem cells. The first two are harvested from […]
How Does Regenerative Medicine Work Tampa, FL

Millions of people in Florida deal with chronic pain daily. Many try over the counter medications that temporarily address symptoms while the underlying cause continues to fester. Regenerative medicine represents healthcare of the future with a shift towards the correction of underlying diseases by utilizing innate healing systems of the body. Regenerative medicine, as offered […]

Treatments Containing Stem Cells May Help Avoid Knee Surgery Tampa

“You need surgery for the pain you are experiencing in your knees.” Those are the dreaded words that no one with knee problems wants to ever hear. Knee replacement surgery is a typical treatment for severe knee pain that does not respond to manual therapies and chiropractic care. However, with recent advances in regenerative medicine, […]

Can Rotator Cuff Injuries Be Treated With Regenerative Medicine? Tampa

If you have pain due to a damaged or injured rotator cuff, the only thing on your mind is how to get rid of the pain quickly and with the least discomfort. Regenerative medicine is a medical breakthrough that will possibly change the way rotator cuff tears are treated universally in the future. Rotator Cuff […]