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Our Staff

Jennifer Dominguez

Jennifer Dominguez
Clinical Assistant for Dr. Neninger

Favorite dessert: Chocolate cake
Best vacation ever taken: Costa Rica
Favorite way to unwind: sleep
Most proud moment: Getting married
Love about PWI: helping patients

Lazara (Yudy) Garcia

Lazara (Yudy) Garcia
Medical Assistant

Favorite dessert: Cheesecake
Best vacation ever taken: Cuba
Favorite way to unwind: walk at the beach
Most proud moment: been a mother
Love about PWI: helping people in pain

Yohanny Carralero

Yohanny Carralero
Practice Manager

Favorite dessert: Tres leches cake.
Best vacation ever taken: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Favorite way to unwind: Watch TV
Most proud moment: Been a mother
Love about PWI: My patients

Karla Neninger

Karla Neninger
Compliance Officer

Favorite dessert: Souffle
Best vacation ever taken: Turkey
Favorite way to unwind: Play guitar
Most proud moment: Backpacking by myself in Europe
Love about PWI: My coworkers