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Are Cellular Treatments Painful?

Cellular treatments are far less painful than many other therapies, including conventional stem cell therapy, and certainly less painful than healing from surgery.

The procedures performed to collect some types of stem cells from the body can be painful. Cellular treatments, in contrast, offer no more discomfort than a vaccine.

Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Treatments Tampa, FL

Adipose tissue stem cell therapy is a popular treatment that uses the fatty tissue found in our bodies. The tissue is taken from the patient’s fat and placed back into the area where healing is needed.

The procedure to collect these cells can be painful. A cannula, typically used in liposuction, removes the fat. The stem cells within are extracted and separated in a centrifuge. Although the extraction area is numbed, it can be painful afterward. In addition, adipose stem cells typically contain harmful toxins and cellular damage from the normal wear and tear of aging. We do not use this technique of stem cell therapy in our clinic.

Bone marrow stem cells are an even more painful type of cellular therapy. These cells are found in the center of your bones. The soft, spongy tissue produces the red blood cells in your body and parts of blood plasma. Stem cells from this area are extracted by drilling into the pelvic or thigh bone, then isolated in a centrifuge. In addition to causing pain at the extraction site, the drilling can open up the body to infection.

Stem cells collected from the patient’s bone marrow have also aged with the patient and are not as plentiful or potent as cellular treatments using young cells. Our doctors do not perform bone marrow stem cell therapy.

We prefer to use regenerative medicine treatments using Wharton’s jelly derived from mesenchymal stem cells. The collection procedure is safe and painless, and the cells’ youth and healing capabilities are superior, in our view.

Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Treatments

Wharton’s jelly, rich in young healing cells and active growth factors, is collected from donated umbilical cords from well-screened mothers. The Wharton’s jelly is collected in a safe and ethical way at the time of childbirth causing no pain or harm to the mother or baby. Treatments containing these regenerative cells have shown to be a successful form of regenerative medicine.

PRP Injections Tampa, FL

By using these fresh healthy cells, we are able to capture the powerful healing and growth factors from these cells and other naturally occurring components. This is not a form of stem cell therapy; this type of regenerative procedure is called mesenchymal cellular therapy or, simply, regenerative cellular therapy.

PRP Injections

Platelet rich plasma injections, or PRP, are another less painful type of cellular treatment. They are no more painful than any other injection. PRP injections are prepared by taking a small amount of your blood. The sample is placed into a centrifuge, which is used to separate and concentrate the healing platelets.

What is inside a PRP injection? Plasma is the liquid part of your blood and this allows your red and white blood cells and platelets to circulate throughout your body. Platelets are responsible for blood clotting and other healing functions. They play an important role in your body’s natural healing process.

Injections of PRP contain your blood plasma mixed with your concentrated platelets. The procedure helps to kick-start regeneration of bones, tendons and ligaments. The non-invasive treatment is performed in an outpatient facility and allows for you to return to your normal daily routines almost immediately.

Are cellular treatments painful? It depends on the type you choose. We invite you to learn more by scheduling a consultation with our experienced doctors. They will analyze your unique condition and make the best recommendation for you.