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Foods to Support Bone Health

You probably remember the milk marketing campaigns from the last few decades that highlighted the benefits of calcium and vitamin D for your bone health. However, did you know that other foods support bone health rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients, too?

Here is a list of additional foods that can help support bone health

Kale, collard greens, broccoli, okra
These foods are high in both Calcium and vitamin K, both of which are vital for bone health. As you’ve no doubt heard over the years, Calcium is needed to both build and maintain strong bones. Your other vital organs need Calcium, too, so don’t hold back!

Vitamin K is another essential nutrient that works in tandem with Calcium to keep those bones strong. In studies on bone density, people with lower vitamin K levels in their blood are more likely to have osteoporosis. This is in contrast with people who have higher levels of vitamin K are more likely to have higher bone density.

Here is a list of additional foods that can help support bone health Tampa, FLSpinach, bananas, oranges, tomatoes
Believe it or not, these seemingly very different fruits and vegetables are all high in potassium, which helps to improve calcium balance within the body and preserves bone mineral density. Potassium also has a slew of other benefits, one of the major ones being that a high potassium intake has also been found to reduce the overall mortality rate by 20%.

Milk, cheese
Dairy products are also high in Calcium, as well as vitamin D, protein, phosphorus and other nutrients that aid in bone health as well as overall health.

Eggs, salmon
Eating foods high in Calcium and phosphorus can be great for bone health, but only if your body can absorb the nutrients. Vitamin D helps increase absorption and works together with Calcium to build stronger bones (especially in post-menopausal women).

Bone broth
Bone broth is amazingly rich in so many nutrients that are incredible for bone health.

Our joints get much use. As a result, cartilage gets worn down. Collagen is one of the major factors in rebuilding this cartilage. Studies have shown that supplementing gelatin in the diet helps increase collagen in the tissue, helping protect the joints.

As the name implies, bone broth is brewed from bones and their connective tissue, which is full of the stuff our bodies need to maintain bone health. From the marrow, which is rich in zinc, iron, fatty acids, vitamins K & A, and more, to the tissues rich in collagen that turns into gelatin as it cooks, when drinking bone broth, the consumer is flooded with amino acids and other nutrients.

Plus, it’s rich in Calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and many other nutrients. There isn’t a much more nutritious substance you could consume when it comes to bone health than bone broth! Whether you sip it straight, use it as a stock for cooking, or a broth for homemade soups, there are many ways to consume it and get the full benefits of bone broth.