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How Do Trigger Point Injections Work?

Trigger point injections can provide wonderful relief to those tired of the never-ending discomfort that comes from trigger points. Through overuse, injury, or other forms of trauma, knots in the muscles can form, called “trigger points.”

These trigger points are often painful and unable to relax. They can often be felt directly under the skin and can sometimes spasm. They cause other problems by creating referred pain, which means pain that is felt in another area of the body.

Whether the pain is radiating from that area itself, or you’re experiencing referred pain, it can be helped with trigger point injections. Trigger point injections work by “forcing” the muscles to relax, releasing the tension and stopping them from triggering the other pain emanating from the area.

Causes of Trigger Points Tampa, FLThis is done by inserting a tiny needle into the affected muscle and injecting a small amount of a local anesthetic into the area. This sedates the muscle and gets it to relax. Trigger point injections usually work immediately, and the results often improve over the coming days. Patients have reported the effects to last from hours to months, and they can provide immediate relief when other treatments seem to have failed.

Most doctors don’t have an explanation for how trigger points actually cause as much pain as they do, but what we do know is that trigger point injections work to relieve that pain.

Causes of Trigger Points

Trigger points often form after an injury or chronic conditions like back pain, slipped discs, and headaches. When these trigger points aren’t treated, they can cause further chronic pain and even limit your range of motion.

Injuries to your muscles and the strain you get from repetitive, everyday actions can lead to trigger points and can result in myofascial pain – pain that comes from the muscles. Have you ever gotten a knot in your neck from sleeping the wrong way or spending too much time at your desk, on the computer? They can cause all sorts of back pain, neck pain, and headaches.

When you visit the Pain & Wellness Institute, our doctor will do a full exam to see how your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and even the fascia are feeling, moving, and working together. You will be tested for trigger points in your back, neck, and shoulders to isolate the exact root of the pain you’re experiencing. From there, we will administer trigger point injections and get you the relief you are ready for. Set up your appointment today by calling our office.