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Ilioinguinal Nerve Block

Ilioinguinal Nerve Block Tampa, FLThe patient is placed on the X-ray table on their back and positioned in such a way that the physician can best visualize the landmarks that indicate the area to be injected. The skin in the inguinal area is cleansed using a solution called Betadine. The physician injects an area of skin with numbing medicine. After the numbing medicine has been given time to be effective, the physician directs a very small needle, using X-ray guidance, into the area of the inguinal nerve. A small mixture of numbing medicine (anesthetic) and anti-inflammatory (steroid) is injected.

Immediately after the injection, pressure is applied to the injection site to decrease the incidence of post-block bruising or swelling. The patient is transferred to the recovery area for approximately 15 minutes. Patients are asked to report the percentage of pain relief and report the relief experienced during the next week.

Patients may return to their normal activities the day after the procedure, including returning to work, unless instructed otherwise by the physician.