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Knee Pain

Suffering from knee pain? Back of-the knee pain might surprise you when to try to lean over to grab your shoes. If you feel knee pain when bending, it might bother you most when heading up or down the stairs. Whatever your knee pain symptoms are, our clinic in Tampa Bay, Florida, has all-natural, effective pain relief options that can help you move the way you want to.

Knee pain relief can be achieved without drugs or surgery
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Knee Pain Relief

Knee Pain Relief Tampa?Most people with knee pain in the Tampa Bay area are searching for all-natural, less-invasive treatment options. Knee surgeries and knee replacements, and heavy medications are available to dull your pain. But do you want the hassle, pain, and risk that come with these treatments? Or, what if your knee problems can’t be solved with surgery?

We’re dedicated to patients who feel out of options, and that’s why we offer regenerative medicine for chronic knee pain, including regenerative cell and platelet-rich plasma therapies.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments involve taking your own blood, removing other elements of the blood that aren't essential to our purposes, and injecting the concentrated platelets and plasma into your knee. Your blood contains many substances that your body naturally produces to help you heal—platelets, growth factors, and cytokines. We use PRP to deliver a much-needed dose of these healing factors at the site of your knee pain.

Stem Cell Treatment for Knees Tampa

Stem Cell Treatment for Knees

Other healing factors in your body are stem cells. These are cells that don’t yet have a function or a job, but they can take on any job they need to. Stem cells can become muscle, tendons, ligaments, and much more when they sense an injury. However, your stem cells are less vigorous than they used to be. They’re powerful, but they’ve aged with you.

We use only young, healthy mesenchymal stem cells in our stem cell treatments. Our responsible tissue bank partners harvest these stem cells via umbilical allografts. This process separates the mesenchymal stem cells from the Wharton's jelly in umbilical cords. This process is safe and does not harm a baby or mother.

These young, vibrant stem cells give our patients better results and relief from their knee pain as compared to stem cell therapy, which uses other kinds of stem cells.

Knee Pain Causes

There are many different kinds of knee pain that you can experience, and it may result from many different conditions or accidents. The cartilage, bone, ligaments, and even joint fluid in your knee may be the reason your knee is sore. What causes damage to these parts of the knee?

  • Knee tendonitis
  • MCL tear
  • Torn meniscus
  • Runner’s knee
  • Overuse at work or through exercise
  • Poor posture
  • Poor form when in motion
  • Age

Anyone can have knee pain that holds them back. If you work on your feet, a job you once loved can become painful. The simplest things in life, like mowing your lawn or cleaning your floors, can be a struggle with knee pain. But don’t let it stop you anymore.

If you are looking for effective and long-lasting relief for knee pain in Tampa, Hillsborough County, or any nearby city in the Tampa Bay area, call us today at (813) 873-7777 to schedule a consultation.