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Neck Pain

You may not realize how important your neck is until you suffer from neck pain. It becomes difficult to just look at your phone or nod your head “yes” and “no.” The pain-free function of your neck is essential to your life. We offer all-natural pain relief solutions to those living with neck pain in Tampa Bay.

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Neck Pain Relief

Neck Pain Relief Tampa?Have you heard that the only way to relieve your neck pain involves surgery, heavy medications, or other invasive treatments? What if you don’t want to undergo the pain and risk of these treatment options?

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are also options, but they involve moving your neck quite a bit. Hot and cold therapy may be helpful, but it’s not permanent. At our medical institute, you’ll get the natural, non-surgical, drug-free therapy you’ve been looking for. We focus on regenerative medicine, which means we treat the underlying issue of your neck pain so that it goes away for good.

Severe Neck Pain Treatment

If you have severe, chronic, or even temporary neck pain, we suggest regenerative medicine treatments, including regenerative cell and platelet-rich plasma therapies, that will help you heal from any underlying neck tissue damage.

Severe Neck Pain Treatment TampaThese injections relieve your pain by tapping into your ability to heal yourself. Consider that young people heal quickly and completely, but we start losing this ability at age thirty. In part, this is because our stem cells are older and less proficient at their job of multiplying and specializing into much-needed tissue at the site of injuries.

Our regenerative medical treatments use cells and proteins that your body mobilizes to heal itself. In the case of stem cell treatments, we use new, healthy mesenchymal stem cells, harvested via umbilical allograft without causing any discomfort to the baby or mother. Your own stem cells have aged with you, so these sources are more useful for immediate healing.

For platelet-rich plasma (PRP), we collect some of your blood, to concentrate the platelets, growth factor, and other cytokine levels in the plasma, and inject the plasma where your neck needs it. PRP helps with pain relief and cellular repair.

We offer these regenerative medicine techniques because we want to give our patients low-risk options that are the least invasive and cause the least pain. Unlike surgery and other stem cell treatment types, there’s less pain and recovery time and better results.

Neck Pain Causes

There are many neck pain causes. Depending on the specific reason, you may have neck pain and a headache or shoulder pain. Possible causes include:

  • Pinched nerve in the neck
  • Poor posture, especially cervical pain
  • Injury from accidents—such as whiplash
  • Injury from many illnesses and conditions
  • Overuse or muscle strain
  • Age

You’re in search of ways to get rid of your neck pain. Those with severely sore necks might have trouble driving because they need to turn their head. Or, you might struggle to sit at your desk for work. In Tampa Bay, you have effective neck pain relief options.

If you are looking for effective and long lasting relief for neck pain in Tampa, Hillsborough County or any nearby city in the Tampa Bay area, call us today at (813) 873-7777 to schedule a consultation. Our doctor will discuss your options for all-natural healing for your neck.