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Why Do I Have Bone on Bone Knee Pain?

If you’re having trouble standing up, sitting down, or doing everyday tasks because of your knee pain, you are probably asking, why do I have bone on bone knee pain? Most bone on bone knee pain stems from the degeneration associated with osteoarthritis.

For those who are suffering from osteoarthritis, simple actions like taking the stairs, bending down, or light exercise can be excruciating, or downright impossible. How does a healthy knee go from full function to crippling pain?

What Alternative Treatments Can Help Relieve Bone on Bone Knee Pain Tampa, FL

Let’s first talk about what a healthy knee looks like. The bones of your thigh and shin are separated by cartilage, which is protected with a slick coating, similar to how a non-stick pan is protected by Teflon. There is also something called the synovial fluid, which helps reduce friction, keeping the movements comfortable.

As a knee degenerates, there is less and less cartilage, and less of that fluid that acts as a lubricant within the knee. This is when a lot of people start looking for treatments that can help. Pain killers, cortisone shots, and the rooster shot are all common options a lot of our patients have tried by the time they come to us. But there are alternative treatments that can effectively get to the source of your pain.

What Alternative Treatments Can Help Relieve Bone on Bone Knee Pain?

Pain killers can offer some relief, but they are just a mask for the symptoms. They won’t actually prevent the bone on bone knee pain from worsening. And sometimes when a patient with osteoarthritis finally gets that relief, they forget there is an injury there at all, and go back to using it as normal - which can cause further damage.

What Alternative Treatments Can Help Relieve Bone on Bone Knee Pain Tampa

Cortisone shots are great at providing some relief, but many people don’t realize they can actually worsen the condition, and actually further break down or “melt” the remaining cushion, making the problem that much worse.

The “rooster shot,” as it is commonly called, is a shot that provides synthetic lubricant that helps protect the bones from that painful bone on bone contact. What it isn’t able to do is prevent the arthritis from worsening.

There’s one revolutionary treatment that actually focuses on repairing the damage done to the joint, and restoring healthy cellular tissue at the root of your pain so that you can truly find relief that lasts.

This type of treatment is known as regenerative cellular therapy. It is unique in that it introduces young, healthy tissue into the affected knee and begins to heal nearby cells and spur on growth of new, vital cells. Giving your body the tools it needs to repair itself is the theory behind regenerative medicine, and patients are getting incredible results with it.

Find out if you’re a candidate for regenerative cellular therapy by reaching out to our medical team today.

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